Young-jun Tak: Doubt
17 Feb – 29 Apr 2023
opening: 17 Feb 2023, 16:00

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The emergence of social media, hidden algorithms, and fragmented digital communities has altered the human worldview and sense of reality in recent decades. The boundaries between truth and falsity have become a critical gray zone. In his first institutional solo exhibition at Overgaden, this spring, the South Korean artist Young-jun Tak uses this as a point of departure to examine how human beliefs beyond truth and scientific knowledge shape and affect the structures of society. In the exhibition Doubt, Tak presents a series of new and existing work that examines how our desire can be worshiped and projected onto daily objects and how a certain form of belief critically disturbs the realm of our everyday life, especially by looking into Christianity. In this, he highlights the freedom fight of the LGBTQI+ community in South Korea and the Christian legacy embedded in patterns of perception.

Young-jun Tak (b. 1989, Seoul)  is a self-taught artist. He has a degree in English literature and cross-cultural studies from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Among others, Tak has exhibited at KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2022), Fragment Gallery, Moscow (2021), Seoul Museum of Art, SeMA Bunker (2019), Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam (2018) and König Galerie, Berlin (2016). Tak has also participated in major international exhibitions such as the Lyon Biennale (2022), the Berlin Biennale (2020) and the Istanbul Biennale (2017). He received the TOY Berlin Masters Award (2021). Doubt is Tak’s first institutional solo exhibition.