Johannes Sivertsen: The Unnamed
11 Sep – 31 Oct 2020

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French-Algerian colonial history, its aftermath, and the stereotypical portrayal of the ’other’ in French art history are the overall focus points of the Danish-French artist, Johannes Sivertsen’s first major solo show The Unnamed.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Paris, the artist has witnessed, at first hand, the consequences of the French colonization of Algeria (1830 – 1962) and experienced the reality among those left unrepresented and ‘without a voice’. As an artist, Johannes Sivertsen uses his paintings to create visual analogies by constructing fictitious parallel worlds, that are based on concrete events and people who never made it into the history books. Since Western (art) history, to a large extent, is an expression of white male narratives, victories, and views, Sivertsen considers it of paramount importance to present a new perspective that allows hitherto overlooked groups to step onto the art-historical scene and have their say.

Johannes Sivertsen (b. 1984 in Paris) is a graduate from Ateliers Beaux-Arts de La Glacière in Paris (2008) and Funen Art Academy (2014). Within recent years he has exhibited at I:Project Space in Beijing, JCE Biennalen in Montrouge, Gallery SPECTA and Ringsted Galleriet. He is furthermore part of the exhibition space OK Corral, Copenhagen.

The exhibition is supported by the Beckett Foundation, William Demant Foundation, Knud Højgaard Foundation, Augustinus Fonden, The Obel Family Foundation, and Cité internationale des arts, Paris.