Zahna Siham Benamor, Apolonia Sokol: The False Rose of Jericho
8 Mar – 4 May 2024
opening: 8 Mar 2024, 16:00

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Riffing on the friendship of poet and performer Zahna Siham Benamor (DK, 1988) and painter Apolonia Sokol (FR, 1988), their first ever collaborative duo exhibition takes Benamor’s iconography as its point of departure—the young Danish intellectual author and activist with roots in Algeria. Surrounding a central record player, repeating a raw soundscape collaging raï rhythms, strings, rap, and Benamor’s poetic calls, the darkened exhibition space hosts a novel series of oil portraits and a set of larger life-sized motifs by Sokol, displacing oil painting’s historical motifs to instead enthrone and depict, among others, themselves along with friends and family, collaborators and companions, all hung on a hand-printed background that builds up as a set of punkish, pitch-black motifs.

Zahna Siham Benamor and Apolonia Sokol, O—Overgaden, 2024. Photo by artist Noah Umur Kanber

Zahna Siham Benamore (b. 1988, FR) is a poet and performance artist with Algerian and French descent. Benamore has been engaged in social work at Kvinfo, RED Safehouse and the womens department of MÆNDENES HJEM. Benamore published in 2023 the EP, 'Jeg kommer fra Ørkenen'; and she has made performances at Arken, Ishøj (2023), as well as at Illiyeen presents by Eliyah Mesayar, Art Hub, Copenhagen (2024). Benamore has worked with Apolonia Sokol, among others as scriptwriter for the documentary Apolonia, Apolonia (2023).

Apolonia Sokol (b. 1988, FR) is a Paris-based artist of Danish, Polish, and French origin, educated from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris (2015). Sokol's past solo- and group exhibitions were shown at institutions including THE PILL, Istanbul (2022 & 2018); Whitcher Projects, Los Angeles (2016); MO.CO Panacee, Montpellier (2023); Fondation Pernod Ricard, Paris (2022); Viva Villa, MUCEM, Marseille (2022); Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas (2022); and ARKEN, Ishøj (2023). The documentary Apolonia, Apolonia (2023), which revolves around Sokol's life and practice, is filmed throughout an entire decade by the filmmaker Lea Glob, in collaboration with HBO, and gained distinction at CPH:DOX 2023, as well as a number of international film festivals.

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