Aske Thiberg: Shutting Out the Sun
30 Aug – 12 Oct 2024
opening: 30 Aug 2024, 15:00

A solo dancer on a platform—high-tension energy and mechanic movements—but with an almost dead facial expression in an automatized, perhaps even drained-from-happiness performance. In Aske Thiberg’s video, text, and performances, he portrays a robot-like body of the digital world, the loneliness of the gamer, pondering questions of social distance and melancholy of SoMe.

For his first large-scale solo exhibition, opening at O—Overgaden late summer 2024, Thiberg creates a grand new live piece divided into three acts. Unfolding over time, the exhibition will mount three new choreographies, respectively performed by Thiberg himself (30 August–15 September), two dancers (17–29 September), and a teenager, singing (1–13 October). Fading lines between reality and virtual life, the exhibition will amend O—Overgaden’s opening hours, meaning the kunsthalle’s first floor spaces will only be open during the daily performed live acts.

Aske Thiberg (b. 1994, SE) is a Copenhagen-based visual artist, holding an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2023). Thiberg has exhibited as well as performed at art venues including Kunsthal Chartlottenborg, Copenhagen (2023); Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2022); Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö (2022); and the exhibition platform Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen (2022).