9 Mar 2022
2022 exhibition program and new online platform

Liesel Burisch: Video still, 2022.

O—Overgaden announces full 2022 exhibition program and launches new online platform

O—Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art presents an exhibition program for 2022 that reflects its dedication to the growth of the contemporary art scene, showcasing a variety of expressions and the newest voices.

The coming year at O—Overgaden encompasses 11 solo exhibitions and shorter projects, each of which in their distinct ways contributes to public debates and presents the world from often overlooked perspectives.

The program invites visitors to experience everything from a queer club universe centering around inclusion, animated VR-works about mental illness and psychiatry, and meditation drawings measuring several kilometers, to psychoacoustic sound installations, and sculptural presentations focusing on the phenomenon of “biased data”.

This year’s program will also include two research-based exhibitions by Marie Kælbæk Iversen and Helene Nymann respectively, as well as a visit from Annette Holdensen, one of the artists from O—Overgaden’s first ever exhibition in 1987. Holdesen will simultaneously engage in a cave-building project with young people from socially deprived neighborhoods in O—Overgaden’s local area. Finally, this year will include two in-depth collaborations with the two young newly appointed INTRO artists, Isabella Solar Villaseca and Tora Shultz.

Get a full overview of the program and read more about the exhibitions at the EXHIBITIONS page here at O—Overgaden’s new online platform: www.overgaden.org. O—Overgaden’s new visual identity is created by fanfare and can also be experienced through a series of new publications. The website is designed by Bram van den Berg in collaboration with fanfare.

2022 exhibition program

Julie Stavad: I am here for pleasure but it is no fun

22 January - 13 March, 2022

The everyday objects take center stage in Julie Stavad’s (b. 1987, DK) solo exhibition I am here for pleasure but it is no fun. With her colossal and ruined lipstick of wax, used pieces of furniture, sleek steel sculptures, and bags carved in natural stone, Stavad mirrors the body in surreal, sculptural acts and compositions in space.


22 January - 13 March, 2022

Water and gas pipes, cables for data, electricity, and sound have taken over O—Overgaden in this installation by Tommy Støckel (b. 1972, DK). Though they usually run in their own designated circuits, in SUPERADAPTER water, gas, data, electricity, and sound connect in a joint network through this eponymous ultimate transformer. As a completely unrealizable and DIY-generated fantasy, the superadapter illustrates the incessant, utopian human drive towards improving tomorrow with new technology.

Line Finderup Jensen: No Exit Prior to Orientation

2 April – 22 May, 2022

Through 3D animation and game design techniques, Line Finderup Jensen (b. 1991, DK) creates an installation based on her personal experience of psychiatric support in Denmark. A video installation and virtual reality artwork Afsnit:801(Ward:801) questions the systemic structures that seem to have patented the truth.

Alexander Tillegreen: SHIFT

2 April – 22 May, 2022

Alexander Tillegreen’s (b. 1991, DK) exhibition is centered around a sound piece based on so-called phantom word illusions: a psychoacoustic effect that creates streams of words within its situated listener that reflects linguistic, cultural, and subconscious embeddedness. Throughout various media the artist explores visual, sculptural, and sonic connections and relationships. Each work unfolds themes of bodily movement, voice, transformation, participation and spatiality.

Annette Holdensen: Wild, Warm, and Cautious

2 April – 22 May, 2022

Artist and weaver Annette Holdensen’s (b. 1934, DK) woven willow installation was part of O—Overgaden’s very first exhibition in 1987. Scrutinizing Holdensen’s oeuvre, in this show her singular position in Danish contemporary art, creating a space for weaving combined with an experimental attitude towards sculpture, is forwarded. The exhibition wanders out into O—Overgaden’s local surroundings through a series of workshops with young people creating sculptures of woven willow for a local playground.

Monia Sander Haj-Mohamed: Heavy Body, Heavenly Body

11 June – 7 August 2022

For her exhibition at O—Overgaden, Monia Sander Haj-Mohamed (b. 1988, DK) creates an installation of her large, characteristic meditation drawings, which she has been producing for several years and are now presented in a salon-style hang. The performative drawings are created as meditation, some indoors, some under the open sky, where Haj-Mohameddrawn a line over a piece of paper for up to 16 hours at a time.

Liesel Burisch solo exhibitions

10 June – 7 August 2022

Liesel Burisch (b. 1987, DK) transforms the ground floor of O—Overgaden into a total installation: a story of thundering beats, publications, poster walls, and a large video work fantasizing about how a new, inclusive reality could look. The video brings us along to party preparations, the pleasure of the party itself, and the challenge of getting back home, and is shot using a drone at O—Overgaden as well as in clubs, bars, and meeting spaces in collaboration with different people from the queer club scene. With this exhibition, Burisch creates a total experience based on personal experiences and queer history, inviting visitors into an all-encompassing break from exclusion. How do we all, individually and collectively, carry the responsibility of making space for everyone?

Marie Kølbæk Iversen: Rovhistorier | Histories of Predation

27 August – 23 October 2022

Marie Kølbæk Iversen’s artistic practice is located at the intersection between mythology, art, and science. From here she investigates how a synthetization of modern and non-modern forms of knowledge may contribute to reflections about historical and current cultural conflicts in the North Atlantic region. To this end, her exhibition at O—Overgaden interlaces East Atlantic folktales of merpeople, the history of capitalism, and new marine biological research in the extremely long-lived grey shark.

Helene Nymann: Knots of Ecphore

27 August – 23 October 2022

How is our memory and imagination shaped? Helene Nymann’s (b. 1982, DK) research-based exhibition at O—Overgaden investigates human and non-human memory. Nymann’s research, made in collaboration with other scientists and using audience-inclusive methods, dives into how we store and register knowledge at a phenomenological and subjective level.

Isabella Solar Villaseca

12 November 2022 – 15 January 2023

INTRO artist Isabella Solar Villaseca’s (b. 1992, SE) practice investigates how South American vernacular resistance strategies, such as dance and rhythm, can be used as reactions against neoliberal policies. Through music, archive material, poetry, found footage, and sculptural and performative elements, Solar Villaseca creates an exhibition for O—Overgaden which is focused on the South American diaspora in Scandinavia, and informs us about forms of protest created by communities of women.

Tora Schultz

12 November 2022 – 15 January 2023

INTRO artist Tora Schultz’s sculptures investigate the structural gender discrimination that exists in the world around us. Everyday objects, from kitchen racks to bricks, car seats, and furniture are designed on the basis of biased data overlooking and excluding those who diverge from the standardized body. Schultz’s exhibition focuses on these distorted objects that shape us every day and quietly wield an oppressive, invisible violence.