Astrid Myntekær: Orgone
28 Mar 2014 – 17 Apr 2005

I still dream of Orgonon, I wake up crying
You’re making rain, and you’re just in reach, when you and sleep escape me
What made it special made it dangerous, so I bury it and forget
You’re like my yo-yo that glowed in the dark

– Kate Bush, Cloudbusting

In the 1930s, the controversial Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich described the phenomenon of ‘orgone’, a cosmic force, which according to Reich permeates the universe and can be compared to what Christianity refers to as god. In all his work, Reich was convinced that the orgone energy had the potential to heal people and influence the physical world via homemade machines and instruments that could channel its power. One example was a so-called ‘cloudbuster’, which Reich set up outside his home and laboratory to remove clouds from the sky.