Lea Porsager: SPIN Φ
5 Jun – 8 Aug 2015

During recent years Lea Porsager’s large-scale works have orbited around spiritual and occult systems and thought forms. With a healthy dose of irony and an interest in exploring esoteric thinking Porsager’s universe represents the physical materialisation of thought at the juncture of historical research, spiritual doctrines and the free reign of speculative imagination.

SPIN Φ, Lea Porsager’s comprehensive solo exhibition at Overgaden, is based on the construction of a so-called ‘sigil’ or seal. As a magical symbol, the seal has a millennia-long legacy as a physical manifesta- tion of the powers and will of a prophet or mystic, from Solomon’s legendary seal, which he could use to command demons, to the Biblical prophecy that the Day of Judgement is nigh when the lamb breaks the seventh seal. Fascination with the conjuring power of the seal forms the basis for the exhibition, where a gigantic steel construction cuts through the architecture of Overgaden, functioning as a sigil that evokes the phenomenon of #PUSSY through the magical portal of the H@t.