Nour Fog: Body Objects
13 Jun – 24 Aug 2019

Danish artist Nour Fog’s first major solo exhibition Body Objects is a sculptural landscape with examinations of form; ceramic formulas and glazes are inspired by everything from Japanese and Indian lacquer techniques, Venus from Willendorf, sci-fi, and classical archaeology. Nour Fog addresses gender-political themes, musical science, and sensuality, and examines physical interior and exterior concepts via forms and spaces and, on a symbolic level, themes such as psychology, body, and sexuality.

Since he graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2016, the Danish artist Nour Fog has worked with sound, installation, and performances. In recent years, ceramics has been the starting point for creating works with integral technical components including sound, smoke, and movement capable of generating mood changes, transitions, and sensuality. Body Objects is Nour Fog’s first major solo show.

Nour Fog (b.1981) graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2016 and has shown at the Sydhavn Station, Galleri Image and participated in numerous Danish and international group shows. Concurrently with this, he runs the experimenting musical project Duo Demona with Maj Kjærsig.