Benedikte Bjerre: Vault
17 Feb – 29 Apr 2023

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The dire inequality of Western contemporary life—cooked to a swirling speed on gas, sugar, and coffee, demanding ever more futuristic, transitory living conditions, delivered 24/7 by exhausted bodies—sits at the core of Danish artist Benedikte Bjerre’s (b. 1987) practice. Whether washing machines, diapers from newborns, coffee makers, human-scaled transport cases, or helium balloon chickens, her works build on our most recognizable everyday objects. With a cunning and witty touch, she pinpoints the absurdities of our societal circulations and infrastructure. 

At O—Overgaden, for Bjerre’s first grand-scale institutional solo show in her native Denmark, a new piece, Day to Day, takes center stage. Six monumental human-sized silvery containers—shaped like arches cut in the middle almost like two halves of a brain—are placed, serially, in the central nave of the exhibition space. The pieces are modeled on FedEx air cargo containers, produced to fit the main body of an airplane and maximize transport space, thus assuring the delivery of selected items to you from anywhere on the globe within hours or, as the title indicates, from Day to Day.

Benedikte Bjerre (b. 1987, Copenhagen) is a graduate of the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main (2015) and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2016). Her work has been shown at venues including Kunstverein Göttingen (2021), SMK The National Gallery of Denmark (2020), ARKEN Museum for Modern Art (2019), and De Ateliers (2018).

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The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Arne V. Schleschs Fond, Gottfred and Gerda Eickhoffs Fond, Rådet for visuel kunst, City of Copenhagen.