13 Mar, 7:00 – 14 Mar 2023, 19:00
Watery Bodies by Giemaš—A radio live-stream

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Screenshot from with geodata from the waters by Lávvonjárga, the Deatnu river and its estuary. 

Tune in to Watery Bodies by Giemaš, a two-day radio live-stream on March 13–14, 2023 by artists Nanna Elvin Hansen and Eliza Bożek from the shore of the small Sami village Lávvonjárga, facing the mountain of Giemaš and at the estuary of the Deatnu river.

Watery Bodies by Giemaš is part of Nanna Elvin Hansen’s research for her upcoming solo exhibition at O—Overgaden (May 27 – Aug 6, 2023) and is presented in collaboration with The Lake Radio.  

The artists state: 

“The radio broadcast offers a slow listening space and an invitation to listen to soundscapes of the watery movements of difference and of repetition. Using microphones above and under water, through the water passage near Lávvonjárga, we are tuning into sites of connected waters that are facing change and contain political contests in this Arctic area of Sapmí in Norway.

The water by Lávvonjárga is a channel that hosts the movements of birds and seals, as well as those of tankers loaded with minerals extracted from a quartzite mining site at Giemaš mountain.