O—Overgaden is one of the leading non-profit art institutions in Denmark with an irreverent program of emerging local and international voices in contemporary art, displaying around eight grand-scale exhibitions each year from its position in the heart of Copenhagen.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday: 13 – 18h
  • Thursday: 13 – 20h
  • Friday: 13 – 18h
  • Saturday, Sunday: 11 – 18h

Opening: Tommy Støckel + Julie Stavad
21 Jan 2022, 17:00 – 20:00

O—Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art jump-starts 2022 with the two large solo exhibitions – SUPERADAPTER by Tommy Støckel and I am here for pleasure but it is no fun by Julie Stavad – with an immense circuit of technological sculptures and a subtly staged drama between everyday objects, the artists bring into focus how we arrange ourselves and thrive in a world filled with objects and clever designs

Photo by Christian Brems