8 Jun, 14:30 – 10 Jun 2023, 14:30
Marina Dubia performance: Desabar to Fall Over

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Marina Dubia performance: Desabar to Fall Over, 2023. Photo: Christian Brems

The sun is shining, the water is clear, people walk the streets and I am still suffocating. Everything is fine, life goes around, and the news keeps alarming us: this is the world we built. Here I am alive, my body pullulating with dreams and with war, I look around and no one meets my eyes. Here I thirst and I feel, I reach and I strive, I spill and I desire; won’t you come with me?

The performance Desabar to Fall Over is based on the Brazilian artist Marina Dubias vision of the Brazilian carnival tradition as a tool of disruption. In a close group formation, performers dance their way through the streets of Christianshavn, throwing confetti into the air. However, the small pieces of colored confetti are not made of gold and glitter, but selected headlines from Denmark and around the world reporting on controversial political decisions, climate catastrophe, and the continued enforcement of violence. The carnival is thus turned into an ambiguous celebration that invites the public to dance and party, but at the same time discharges aggression and discomfort.

The performance will take place through the streets of Christianshavn on both June 8 and 10 at 16.30–17.30. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Artist Talk Saturday 18-19h

The June 10 performance will be followed by an Artist Talk with Marina Dubia and her colleague artist Niels Christensen at O—Overgaden 18.00–19.00 to expand and examine the impact of dealing with the production and destruction of images of violence.

The practice of artist Niels Christensen can be described as a critical study of image-making in relation to structural organizations of violence and care. He is concerned with the welfare state as a variant of the security paradigm; on the one hand, the state’s promise to maintain life and safety, and on the other, the delimitation of which lives this promise applies to. Methodically, the work borrows from disciplines such as journalism and documentary, law, art history, critical theory, and philosophy. Some of the work is made in his own name, and some are made in the collaboration Aftenskole (Evening School) with writer Aske Viuff. 

Concept: Marina Dubia
Co-production: Marina Dubia and O—Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art
Sound Design: Gustavo Lemos
Performed by: Julie Schmidt Andreasen, Lara Vejrup Ostan, Marina Dubia, Sophia Mage and Tiago Amate
Documentation: Christian Brems

The performance is supported by the Danish Art Foundation, Danish Actors’ Association, Nordea Fonden, and the A.P. Moller Foundation.