30 Apr 2022, 15:00 – 16:00
Alexander Tillegreen concert

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Alexander Tillegreen concert: Electronic music and psychoacoustic effects

On Saturday 30 April, Alexander Tillegreen will play a concert in connection with his current solo exhibition Shift at O—Overgaden, an exhibition in which Tillegreen examines, with his sound works, how we sense and attempt to create meaning in the world.

Alexander Tillegreen’s music and sound works are very physical. Come to the concert and experience how heavy bass, high-frequency tensions, and psychoacoustic effects bring the senses into play. In other moments, the soundscape will morph into delicate, ambient, and spherical passages, and the music thus alternates between minimalist, mesmerizing, drone-based approaches and complex rhythmic sequences with surprising and radical tonal shifts.

During this short Saturday concert with Tillegreen, you can experience a broader selection of the artist’s work as a composer and sound artist, in addition to the sound works in the exhibition Shift,where the voice is a recurring theme. Tillegreen will also perform excerpts from one of his sound installation works, which can currently be experienced in Milan, as well as short passages from his upcoming solo album, due to be released on the legendary German electronic label Raster-Media (formerly known as Raster-Noton).

O—Overgaden will serve the potent and red-glowing drink Negroni Sbagliato during the concert. The drink was invented in Milan, where Tillegreen is currently also exhibiting the solo exhibition Upsweep Paradox at FuturDome.

The concert does not require registration and admission is free; the same goes for O—Overgaden’s three current exhibitions.

You can experience Alexander Tillegreen’s exhibition Shift and the sound works here if you come before the concert.

Alexander Tillegreen (b. 1991, DK) is a graduate of the Städelschule in Frankfurt (DE) and the Cooper Union School of Art (US). Tillegreen’s works have been exhibited and performed at festivals and in solo as well as group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including at Basis (Frankfurt), Museum für Moderne Kunst (Frankfurt), CTM Transmediale Festival (Berlin), fffriedrich (Frankfurt), Kunstverein Wiesen, Agnes Maybach (Cologne), Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Roskilde Festival, STRØM Festival, CPH DOX, Eufonia Festival Berlin, Galerie Jean Claude Maier, Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Fotografisk Center, Code Art Fair, and Statens Museum for Kunst. The exhibition at O—Overgaden is Tillegreen’s first institutional solo exhibition in Denmark.

A brief note about the exhibition Shift and the concept of “phantom words”:

From Tillegreen’s exhibition at O—Overgaden, a rhythmic series of sounds flows from two central works that materialize into a multitude of changing words in the listener’s ears. But the words that are heard are not necessarily present. The phenomenon is called a “phantom word illusion” and was discovered by the English psychology professor Diana Deutsch. In continuation of Deutsch’s research, Tillegreen has initiated a research collaboration with researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt, who are investigating the phenomenon further. The sound works of the exhibition are thus created specifically to evoke phantom words in the listener’s head, which change depending on how one moves within the exhibition space. Often the words one hears resonate with one’s cultural and linguistic background, subconscious, and experiences; in the bigger picture of the exhibition this becomes a testament to the fact that we each decode reality from vastly different points of view.