18 Jan 2023
Nye publikationer
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We’re excited to announce the arrival of two new publications focusing on, respectively, Tora Schultz and Isabella Solar Villaseca. Click HERE to read or download both for free.

As a companion to each of our in-house solo exhibitions, O—Overgaden produces a publication aiming to expand conversations around the show and producing new, offspring material, while being easy to access from afar.

In the new publication accompanying Tora Schultzʼs exhibition Bitch on Wheels, the essay “Mass Produced Submissive”by curator and writer Laura McLean-Ferris unfolds Schultzʼs work in the context of frozen objects, gendered subordination, and the libidinal pull associated with the car crash. Professor of Traffic Safety, Astrid Linder, contributes a text based on her research, drawing on decades of statistics about injuries sustained in car accidents, and the bias in the numbers that appears to be based on gender. Finally, an essay by critic and editor at O—Overgaden Nanna Friis interweaves the material and immaterial inquiries of the exhibition by concentrating on the motionlessness as its focal aspect.

In the new publication accompanying Isabella Solar Villasecaʼs exhibition Memory Marketplace, artist and poet Sidsel Ana Welden Gajardo contributes the emotional rendering “Atacama,” about the fight for freedom and the deep trauma inherent in Chilean culture through generations, even those born and raised in exile. Victor Ahlén and Anneli Ström-Villaseca, both filmmakers, contribute a text on the nature of film as memory—a collision of past and present. Furthermore, an extract of the recent book Eruptions of Memory by Chilean cultural theoretician Nelly Richards deals with collective memory of disaffection, dislocation, and questions of democracy and political consensus in the aftermath of the military coup in 1973 and the years of Pinochet’s dictatorship.