8 Nov 2023
O—Overgaden call for ceasefire—stop the attacks on civilians now!

O—Overgaden condemns the horrific attacks currently impacting civilian lives and not least children. We condemn the censorship of voices and institutions speaking up in the current crisis.

We hereby join a chorus of voices—among them local students at the Danish art academies and the Danish Film School—condemning the current situation and pleading for a ceasefire now.

We join the call from other organizations including ActionAid Denmark and Amnesty International Denmark for the Danish government to demand a ceasefire now to avoid a genocide of the Palestinian population, which is currently stripped of even basic humanitarian aid.

O—Overgaden works for plurality and multiplicity. Through our collaborations with artists rooted all over the world, we strongly uphold the right for everyone to live outside conditions of persecution, occupation, and oppression. We stand for the right to freedom of speech, both for individual stakeholders and cultural institutions, and condemn censoring as well as islamophobia, antisemitism, hate speech, violence, and apartheid in all its forms.

In December, O—Overgaden will host the BENEFIT ART SALE 2023, organized by artists Melanie Kitti and Kinga Bartis, in support of the Palestinian population. We encourage everyone with the means to support relevant institutions and aid organizations working for human rights for all and providing humanitarian aid to the civil population in Gaza.