16 Oct 2022
Two new publications: Marie Kølbæk Iversen & Helene Nymann
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As a companion to each of our in-house solo exhibitions, O—Overgaden produces a publication aiming to expand conversations around the show and producing new, offspring material, while being easy to access from afar.

We’re excited to announce the arrival of two new publications: click HERE to read both for free.

In the new publication accompanying Marie Kølbæk Iversenʼs exhibition Histories of Predation, Iversen engages in two conversations—one with artist Adam Khalil, co-founder of New Red Order, diving into questions of indigenous knowledges, transcultural exchange, and mythological creatures. The other conversation with marine biologist Julius Nielsen focuses on the gurry shark and its relations to the timespan of the human lifecycle. The publication also includes the essay “Ulm and those who wander” by Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland unfolding a poetic time-travel through natural and social landscapes of the Western Jutland heath, while the poem “Ode to the Danaids” by Aqqaluk Lynge critically address the historical and ongoing Danish colonialism in Greenland.

In the new publication accompanying Helene Nymannʼs exhibition Knots of Ecphore, Nymann is in conversation with her long-time companion, the US-based Norwegian author Siri Hustvedt, talking about artistic research, memory, and neuroplasticity. The publication further holds a series of responses made during micro-phenomenological interviews conducted in preparation for the exhibition at O—Overgaden by Helene Nymann with the dancers who performed in the video work Kluddermor (2022). Finally, anthropologist Joe Dumit has contributed the essay “Ecphorizing Reminders” about memories and the process of retrieving them.

The printed copy that includes a unique poster can be bought at O—Overgaden (DA/UK) for 50 DKK.

Editor: Nanna Friis
Graphic design: Fanfare