24 Jul 2022
New publications
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For all of the O—Overgaden solo exhibitions, we produce a publication to focus on each of the new artistic voices that we are lucky enough to work with, and expand the conversations from their exhibitions to travel as far as possible.

Now, the two new publications have arrived!

In the brand-new publication for Liesel Burisch’s exhibition “Bring Time”, Lisa Arellano wrote the essay “On Gay Clubs and Archives: An Essay for Terence” and Justin Hunt shares thoughts on after parties, social arenas of inclusion, and Liesel Burisch’s exhibition in his essay “Where the Real Interesting Stuff Happens”.

In the publication on Monia Sander Haj-Mohamed, you will find a series of photos documenting the drawings and the spaces of her exhibition along with the manuscript “Nothing That Goes Through Me Belongs to Me” (2022) by Haj-Mohamed, on which the open script readings and sound piece in the exhibition is based.

Get your copy at O—Overgaden (DA/UK) with a poster or read it for free on this website under ”publications”.

Graphic design: Fanfare Amsterdam
Editor: Nanna Friis