27 Nov 2022
Julie Stavad recieves large honorary grant
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We are sincerely delighted to share the great news that Julie Stavad, the artist from Aarhus who had a large solo show at O—Overgaden earlier this year, has been recognized with a large honorary grant from the Niels Wessel Bagge Art Foundation.

Stavad is among 13 Danish artists who have received a grant this year.

The Foundation writes:

A broken lipstick, a safety pin, a shoe sole: Many of Julie Stavad’s sculptures have recognizable forms as everyday objects that paradoxically have been enlarged, translated in new materials or put in spatial positions or surreal compositions. The transformation of the objects breaks their comforting sphere of meaning and thereby poses questions to the emotions and functions that they possess. They are often theatrically staged as bodies that, like ourselves, not only contain reason and control but also irrationality, desire and destructive tendencies. Her work reflects how we engage with objects and what they do to us. She presents the objects as free and unruly actors who have their own life.”

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