17 Dec 2023
Benefit Art Sale
Benefit Art Sale raises 170,000 DKK for the civilian population in Palestine

Photo: Marlene Anne Lough

With more than 100 artists donating their work, and Det Lilla Rum selling books, Benefit Art Sale 2023—an initiative by artists Melanie Kitti and Kinga Bartis—set a record by raising 170,000 DKK.

Benefit Art Sale 2023 took place on Saturday 16 December and was, once again this year, hosted by O—Overgaden.

A warm thank you to everyone who participated, organized, donated their artworks, and to all of you who came out to buy beautiful contemporary artworks in support of an important cause.

Each piece was sold anonymously for 1,000 DKK and the names of the artists behind each individual work are now disclosed on the Benefit Art Sale’s IG @benefitartsale

We still have Benefit Art Sale T-shirts available (300 DKK, available in several sizes) and a few more books, prints, and posters for sale at O—Overgaden in support of the civilian population in Palestine. Come by during O—Overgaden’s opening hours.