22 May 2022
Annette Holdensen wicker caves for Ødselsgades playground
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Annette Holdensen’s wickerwork practice has kickstarted a substantial collaboration with Kulturpiloterne, children and young people from a socially deprived area in our local community.

Over the past few weeks Kulturpiloterne have studied Holdensen’s works, made sketches, and learned how to weave with wicker to create a series of caves for a playground at Amager. Now their amazing new wicker caves are up for everyone to enjoy at Ødselsgades playground. The project has been initiated by O—Overgaden and curator Ida Schyum and is realized together with Sophia Luna Portra, artist and granddaughter of Annette Holdensen, and Livia Presca, educator at O—Overgaden. Many thanks to Husmans Fond, Frantz Hoffmanns Mindelegat, FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design, and Amagerbro Helhedsplan for the collaboration.

O—Overgaden is so proud to initiate and collaborate on this project that creates activities inside and outside the exhibitions. We can’t wait to see much more of this group of young people this autumn and winter when Kulturpiloterne will be part of more projects for all the upcoming exhibitions.