16 Aug 2023
Adagio for Things
New platform Adagio for Things moves into O—Overgaden

Adagio for Things, new publishing-and-exhibiting platform, moves into O—Overgaden to bring focus to printed matter as art

Adagio for Things is a new, independent publishing-and-exhibiting platform to showcase new books-as-artworks through a series of eight exhibitions. For one year from fall 2023, Adagio for Things will take up residency in the O-Rooom on O—Overgaden’s ground floor—a space that once housed the Centraltrykkeriet printing house, thus returning it to one of its former functions.

In the coming year, led by the Danish artist and lithographer Wilfred Wagner, Adagio for Things will present a series of eight new books-as-artworks or artist-created publications by artists such as Henning Lundkvist, Miriam Kongstad, Vibe Overgaard, Kristoffer Kjærskov, and Asta Lynge.

One by one, the publications will move into the O-Rooom and present themselves through launch events, exhibition displays, readings, and performances. In this way, the publications function at the same time as artworks in their own right at O—Overgaden and as printed matter able to circulate out into the world and way beyond the sturdy bricks of the former printing house.

Adagio for Things’ publications are created in collaboration with young or emerging artists with the aim of unfolding the possibilities of the artist as well as the publication.

As reproducible prints—books, booklets, zines, posters, manifests, maps, manuscripts, or performance props—a publication makes art accessible in new ways and strengthens its dialogic possibilities.

In welcoming Adagio for Things, O—Overgaden now houses no less than two independent, experimental micro-exhibition spaces: Adagio for Things in its O-Rooom andAYE-AYE-the artist run institution whose exhibitions can occasionally be seen in the director’s office on O—Overgaden’s upper floor, with the next show opening 24 August.

Opening Thursday 31 August, 4–8pm

Join us when Adagio for Things opens with its first presentation on Thursday 31 August at 4–8pm: the publication and exhibition titled Coloumns by Henning Lundkvist (b. 1981, SE). Beyond the exhibition, the evening will entail DJ and drinks, and Henning Lundkvist himself will perform at 6pm.

Entry to Adagio for Things and O—Overgaden is, as always, free.

Find more info on Adagio for Things’ own online platform HERE.