Foreningen for Unge Kunstnere og Kunstformidlere, UKK: 16. JUN 01. JUL 2012
15 Jun – 30 Jun 2012

The Danish association UKK (Young Art Workers) is taking over the first floor O—Overgaden to celebrate the organisation’s 10th anniversary, with an exhibition and a comprehensive event programme that will highlight the association’s aims and key issues.

When UKK held its foundation meeting at Overgaden in 2002, it was with the wish to secure room for widely differing voices and expressions on the Danish art scene. Over the past ten years, the association has therefore worked to create visibility for and debate about the potential and conditions of younger, experimental contemporary art.

The exhibition will take the form of a single installation that mimics an association office, with filing cabinets, desks, plants and noticeboards. UKK is in fact an association without such physical surroundings, and for two weeks the temporary office at Overgaden will act as a platform to raise the profile of UKK’s activities. During the exhibition period, the association will hold a series of talks, performances, panel discussions, workshops and seminars focusing on current urgent issues in the art world.

The events will include a debate on the identity and organisation of artists, in which there will be questions on how, why and whether you need to be a member of a professional organisation as an artist today. There will be a panel discussion and a workshop on teaching children and young people, with a focus on visual art in schools, and the launch of a publication on the conditions and labour market entry of young art workers, published on the basis of an extensive study among UKK’s members.