Molly Haslund: Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones
14 Jun – 24 Aug 2019

The seemingly trivial everyday actions and environments provide the raw poetic inspiration for Molly Haslund. The artist has formerly been the focus of attention at home and abroad with her startling and humorous works classed somewhere between sculpture and performance and we look forward to presenting her first major solo exhibition at Overgaden.

Based on situations and objects in the public space – from a coat rack in a primary school somewhere in the province to a group of women dressed up for a hen night out in London – Molly Haslund has, with Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones, created new works spotlighting things most people have passed by without attributing much value to them.

By means of alterations in scale, startling juxtapositions, and absurd and dreamlike distortions of everyday objects and motifs, Molly Haslund invites the audience to enter a world that is familiar to most people and, then again, perhaps not.

Molly Haslund has an MA (Fine Arts) from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, and graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. Haslund has performed and shown extensively in Denmark and Sweden as well as in Glasgow, London, Kyoto, Berlin, Munich, New York, and Philadelphia. Recently, she made three public sculptures for the square in front of Lund Kunsthal, Sweden.