Iselin Forslund Toubro: Riding Towards Emptiness
27 Nov 2020 – 15 May 2021

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Riding Towards Emptiness is a filmic, performative, and installational narrative created in close collaboration with actor Rosalinde Mynster.

The formative communities of youth, pure ideals, and shattered ambitions are central themes in the Danish artist Iselin Forslund Toubro’s first major solo show entitled Riding Towards Emptiness. The exhibition is a filmic, performative, and installational narrative created in close collaboration with actor Rosalinde Mynster.

Riding Towards Emptiness is centred on the thirty-two-minute film En trup og en dans om drømme (A Troupe and a Dance about Dreams). In it, Toubro examines—through theatrical, absurd, and caricatured acting—the relationships, roles, and power hierarchies emerging amidst a group of young friends who, together, have created a biodynamic pop-up restaurant in town. The homogeneous group of friends promote the hip culinary culture of the time while also observing a special set of dogmatic rules for their close-knit community. They are free, independent, idealistic, and experimental. However, one day, external factors appear to put their social dogmas to the test.

Iselin Forslund Toubro (b.1990) studied at the Emily Carr University of Film, Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada and the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden, graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine in 2019. Toubro works at the crossroads between art film, performance, and installation—often in large-scale productions involving actors, musicians, and others. In recent years, she has taken part in the exhibitions A Play, A Tale, the Round Tower (2019), Planning Life, Adult Gallery (2016), and No Games Without Rivals, the Pavilion at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (2016) and screened her films at CPH:DOX, and the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels.

Riding Towards Emptiness is one of two parallel exhibitions created under the auspices of the Overgaden INTRO program. INTRO is developed with support from Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansen Fond and offers a special and resourceful one-year program intended to support newly-educated young visual artists in Denmark in their sustainable artistic development and international exchange. INTRO is a long-term development process, tailored by Overgaden to the individual artistic practice, including financial travel and production support as well as artistic, administrative, and technical advice from leading Danish and international experts in the field of art. The one-year process culminates in a major solo show held at Overgaden.

Video by Christian Brems

The INTRO program is funded by Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen’s Foundation. The exhibition has received further support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

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