Group Show: Revisit: Musikerne maler, malerne musicerer og digterne holder kæft
14 Nov 2014 – 10 Jan 2015

In 2013 Overgaden launched the annual exhibition series REVISIT, which returns to key exhibitions in the history O—Overgaden – exhibitions that have been benchmarks in Danish contemporary art, formative for the participating artists, or experiments characteristic for the period in which they were made. With the series, Overgaden aims to investigate and chart its own position in Danish art history, as well as drawing historical links between the artistic practices that have been shown over the years.

REVISIT: Musikerne maler, malerne musicerer og digterne holder kæft (‘The Musicians Paint, the Painters Make Music and the Poets Keep their Mouths Shut’) is the second time we revisit Overgaden’s back catalogue. This time we visit the year 1989, when the writer and musician Vagn E. Olsson from the legendary Danish punk band No Knox organised an exhibition inviting a broad range of leading contemporary visual artists and musicians to work across the boundaries of artistic media using amateurism as their creative driving force. The exhibition was based on the restless energy of punk, the belief that three chords on a guitar were all it took to call yourself a musician, and the somewhat delayed influence of the German art scene, which in 1981 had celebrated the arrival of a new zeitgeist under the title ‘Geniale Dilletanten’. Musikerne maler, malerne musicerer og digterne holder kæft was an overdue and schizophrenic Danish manifestation of a generation, but also an epitaph for punk in Copenhagen. The exhibition was comprised of artists’ experiments in media they did not usually work with, and – perhaps most importantly – created a platform for an extensive programme of concerts, readings and performances.

Participating artists: Signe Boe, Glenn Christian, Electrolux (Daniel Bøtcher og Vagn E Olsson), Andreas Führer, Lars Arnfred Fynboe, Chiara Giovando, Goodiepal, Rasmus Graff, Felia Gram-Hanssen m. danser Tora Balslev, Claus Haxholm, Ida Marie Hede, Honza Hoeck, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Karl Larsson, Kasper Lynge, Manet iPad Cover, Anders Mathiasen, Michael Mørkholt, Maya Peitersen, Lea Porsager, Kristian Poulsen, Bjørn Rasmussen, Davide Savorani, Anne Mette Schultz, Spost, TS Sterndolph, Marie Thams, Kasper Vang.