Thorbjørn Lausten: Revisit: Datablik
9 Nov 2015 – 9 Jan 2016

With the annual exhibition format REVISIT, Overgaden delves into on its own exhibition history to explore some of the many artistic experiments and new departures at the art institute in the past from a contemporary perspective. This year both floors – as well as the street outside – are filled by a return visit to Thorbjørn Lausten’s 2003 exhibition Datablik (‘Dataview’).

Does the world exist when I’m not in it? During the 20th century this, one of the oldest philosophical questions, became the subject of an extensive, artistic investigation of the relationship between human perception and the world surrounding us – an exploration in which Thorbjørn Lausten was a key pioneer in both a Danish and international context. Based on his enduring absorption with the conditionality of our experience of the world on the systems and technology we use to register and (re)present it, in 2003 Lausten created the exhibition Datablik at Overgaden.

In 2015 we revisit the exhibition to focus on Lausten’s four decades of artistic investigation of the intersections between science, information technology and human perception.