Nicolas Klotz, Elisabeth Perceval: Menneskejagt
19 Apr – 8 Jun 2013

Overgaden and CPH PIX invites you to enter a universe where the sound of dead languages mingles with moving images. The French film director duo Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval focus on the concept of the manhunt as a fundamental cultural theme in a filmic and site-specific installation.

Manhunt is a mirror image of the two directors’ ongoing film project, Ceremony – a panoramic overview of the significance that the manhunt, consciously or unconsciously, has generated up to the present day. The focal point of both the film and the installation is the cultural history of the manhunt: the hunter and the hunted as an eternally recurrent motif. Three contiguous spaces lead the audience through a series of abstractions of the concept of the manhunt: an abandoned room, a corridor with the sounds of languages that have fallen silent, and a mosaic of clips from the history of cinema.

The installation at Overgaden has come about through a collective effort in which the two directors have co-operated with philosophers, actors and musicians, as well as with a Danish team consisting of a technician, a set designer, an architect, a photographer and a linguist. Through this partnership, a concentrate has been extracted from philosophy, art, politics and film history that simultaneously focuses on the manhunt and on cinema as a concept.