Stine Marie Jacobsen: MANN BEIßT HUND
27 Mar – 16 May 2015

We live in an age in which legislation is a more controversial and complex issue than ever before. In the wake of anti-terrorism acts, Danish organized crime laws, and debates on the ex- tent to which a society can legitimately keep its own citizens under surveillance, it can be difficult to know what is actually legal – and what should be – in our modern, hyper-technological society.

Mann beißt Hund (‘Man Bites Dog’) is Stine Marie Jacobsen’s first major solo exhibition in Denmark. Here the artist, whose art practice is primarily based on the investigation of film and video media, questions how far legislation should go in regulating our behaviour and society. In Stine Marie Jacobsen’s universe there are clear parallels between the constant risk of a society’s legislation turning into violence against its own citizens, and film as an ambiguous and violent medium. Many of her film projects have focused on the violence that Hollywood films seem obsessed by – serial killers, horror films and splatter effects – as well as on the medium of film as violent at a more symbolic level: As violence against the one who sees but also the one who is seen.