Lucky Motel: First Floor: Ømme Dupper
31 May – 2 Jun 2012

In a hectic time when the trend is to pursue exalted moments, extremes and success experiences, the theatre group Lucky Motel is focusing on slowness, sensuality and the beauty of our immediate everyday lives.

Taking its cue from Gertrude Stein’s lyrical classic Tender Buttons published in 1914, from which the project borrows its title, Stein’s investigations into the ability of language to define, change and create our reality have been updated in an innovative form.

Ømme dupper is a 24-hour long performance and total theatre experience. In the course of three days a teeming universe will unfold with more than 30 participants, including both performers and “everyday experts” such as cooks, factory workers, bookbinders and surveyors. With its choreography, tableaux and installations, Ømme dupper encourages and invites interactive encounters between performers and visitors, and audience members will have an opportunity to interact and choose to take part or not to take part, and can thereby construct their own, individual versions of the piece. Depending on when you drop by and how long you stay, you may experience such different things as a whispering paper house, repairing oranges, eye dissection, common meals, Stein interpretation, sleeping people, and a confessional radio DJ.

Ømme duper is produced by the theatre group Lucky Motel, which was formed in 2008 by the theatrical director Petra Berg Holbek (SE/DK). The project has been developed in collaboration with the sound artists Ane Østergaard (DK) and Olga Szymula (PL) and the set designer Sigrid Bennike (DK), who have created this unique experience in which scenographic, visual and sound art are combined into a whole which will sharpen the ability of visitors to sense and experience their surroundings.