Group Show: Coming From
22 Aug – 13 Sep 2014

Where does inspiration come from? And what processes and ideas lie behind the art exhibited in art institutions? These are the questions asked by Overgaden in the project Coming From, where 35 Danish artists reveal what inspires them in their art practice.

Each artist has been invited to contribute with an object from their personal archive – like a film, a text, a photo album, a stamp collection, a stone or something completely different – that has played a role in and influenced the creation of a specific artwork or their work in general. This collection of materials is presented in the upper gallery of Overgaden, and during the exhibition there will be a series of artist talks by the invited artists, where they explore their sources of inspiration and describe the creative process from the initial idea to the completed work of art. The exhibition is a collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

Participating artists: Rikke Benborg, Kerstin Bergendahl, Anders Bonnesen, Nanna Debois Buhl, Claus Carstensen, Sophie Dupont, claus ejner, Hilda Ekeroth, Jesper Fabricius, Peter Land, Lone Høyer Hansen, Lise Harlev, Gudrun Hasle, Molly Haslund, Henriette Heise, Heidi Hove, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Jacob Jessen, Elsebeth Jørgensen, Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Al Masson, Daniel Milan, Mogens Otto Nielsen, Rolf Nowotny, Michael Würtz Overbeck, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Kirstine Roepstorff, Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen, Dan Stockholm, Morten Stræde, Mette Winckelmann, Lars Worm, Kristoffer Ørum, Jesper Aabille.