Jacob Tækker: Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus
28 Mar – 17 May 2014

The absurdity of human existence and loss of control are recurrent themes in Jacob Tækker’s works, which combine video, computer technology and performance. In this solo exhibition he takes the audience on a voyage of discovery into a surreal universe of psychedelic patterns, doppelgangers and spatial displacement.

In the video installation Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus, Jacob Tækker challenges our ability to navigate and make sense of the world surrounding us. Inspired by virtual reality, the work unfolds as a series of changing sound and image sequences where the boundaries between fact and fiction dissolve. The viewer has to move physically through the exhibition space to explore the different scenarios, which only coalesce momentarily into a narrative driven by the individual viewer’s own associations, imagination and path through the exhibition.

The journey is a central, metaphorical theme in the work, and the first room of the exhibition represents a departure lounge. Hang- ing on the wall are rows of specially designed grey lab coats and helmets, which function as projection screens and are therefore a prerequisite for experiencing the work. Once equipped, viewers are guided through a passage into a psychedelic corridor where kaleidoscopic patterns and electronic soundscapes disrupt their sense of the room’s physical permanence, and heighten awareness of the body through a mental and physical shift in the sensory apparatus.