20 Apr, 14:30 – 22 Apr 2023, 10:30
Marina Dubia: Here. In This Place

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Marina Dubia. Photo: Denis Laner

Please join the workshop Here. In This Place with performance artist Marina Dubia either on Thursday, April 20, Friday, April 21 or Saturday, April 22, and explore the social and material forces that shape the places we inhabit. The event is part of Christianshavns Bogfestival 2023.

Here. In This Place is a workshop that invites the participants to investigate their relations to the environment in Christianshavn, through sharing of personal experiences and exercises in writing leaflets and labels. We will discuss how our voices weave public space, writing from hand and heart to explore the social and material forces that shape the places we inhabit. 
We will move from observing, describing, and articulating our feelings and memories about a place into active intervention, practicing engagement to the area through the placement of our bodies and writings. How do your stories leave a mark in the spaces you inhabit? How do those stories mark you back? Who are you in dialogue with when you make yourself present? 
In addition to gaining critical reflection and creative writing skills, participants will have the opportunity to be a part of the artist’s upcoming work Label Action: creating “artwork labels” to be placed around the neighborhood, making an “open air museum” that blends personal, public and political. If the city were an artist, what kind of art would it produce? We will train our observation and imagination skills to catch moments when aesthetic forms reveal the city’s internal working. 

The workshop will be taught in English. Participants are welcome to write in any language they feel comfortable with.  


Thursday April 20, at 16.30–19.00pm 
Friday April 21, at 16.30–19.00pm 
Saturday April 22, at 10.00–12.30pm 

It is free to participate on the workshop. To sign up on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday please send an email to:

The event is made possible with support from the A.P. Møller Foundation