10 Mar 2022, 17:00 – 17:25
Mads Borre Fey performance

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Mads Borre Fey performance in the exhibition by Julie Stavad

Oversized sculptural insect wings, reading, and singing  ~  Installation- and performance artist Mads Borre’s (b. 1988, DK) performance Fey has been created especially for Julie Stavad’s exhibition I am here for pleasure but it is no fun, building on Stavad’s sculptural universe, her way of playing with the proportions of things, and referring to the surreality of everyday life.

With his new performance Fey, Mads Borre invites you to join a light and dreamy moment among the heavy sculptures of Stavad’s exhibition. Through singing, reading, and a sculptural staging of himself, Borre comments poetically on queerness and the absurd encounters that fill our everyday lives.

The performance lasts 25 minutes.
Free admission and no registration required.

Julie Stavad’s exhibition I am here for pleasure but it is no fun (on show until this Sunday 13 March) puts the everyday object at its center. With hints of drama as well as humor, Stavad’s sculptural exhibition poses questions to the heavy structures and things of this world. For this event, Stavad invited her colleague and friend Mads Borre to create a performance adding to the space.