18 Mar 2023, 18:00 – 22:55
La lumière et la mort - A theatrical dinner at O—Overgaden


“La Lumière et la mort” by Johanne Anastasia Stoffersen

“La Lumière et la mort” is a performance banquet in four acts, four servings.

The Sun is slowly returning. Night and day are finally equals. An invitation to a theatrical dinner party, a dinner soirée celebrating equinox and the goddess of spring, Ostara.

“Ostara brings a rebirth from the death of winter.”

Something new is sprouting and something must be left behind in the cold of the winter.

The show is an all-night performance where the guests take part in the scenography of the table and meet in the exhibition.


Kaja Lahoda

Sidsel Winther &

Johanne Stoffersen


Johanne Stoffersen



300 DKK pr. ticket (limited tickets available)
Tickets can be purchased through the following link:

Supported by Snabslanten and in collaboration with O—Overgaden

Johanne Anastasia Stoffersen (1994) DK

Stoffersen uses the dinner table as a stage. Through her praxis she unfolds the dinner seance as a theater, an institution, a room for performance and a ritual. Working with food and historical icons from the culinary world she investigates social economies, access to food as art and the decadence of the tableau vivant.

Stoffersen works as an artist with a great passion for cooking, decorating and serving.

Materials range from ceramics, food, jelly cakes, film and photography.

 She investigates with performative dinners the possibilities of creating new meetings in and around the art. Setting a time frame for the guests to share with the art and each other, and decadence and seduction as a natural part of the show.