15 Dec 2022, 16:00 – 18:00
Cally Spooner: DEADTIME TALKS #3 The Present Tense

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Cally Spooner — active because it leaks, 2022 open windows, reduced wall (if necessary) language from Anne Carson Continuously. Photo: Roberto Marossi. Courtesy: The artist and ZERO..., Milan

Join the third in a series of talks on performances by Cally Spooner. Deadtime Talks is an artist-initiated, audience-led talk series hosted by performance artist and O—Overgaden research fellow Cally Spooner with Will Holder and guests. Thursday’s special guests are Marie Lund and Irena Haiduk.

Taking place at O—Overgaden over the course of a year, this series of talks investigates how performance has come to govern the entire realm of our social bonds. How might this governance be resisted?

Each talk oscillates between live performance, casual conversation, and academic content to build an ongoing local conversation on our pervasive “performance condition.”

The evening’s terms will be set out by Will Holder who will vocally publish and edit a first draft of Cally Spooner’s An Essay on THE PRESENT TENSE, which reflects on the body keeping score, sacred space, generational grief, and the highly neoliberal individual’s fear of dependency. To explore the condition of remaining firmly (and grammatically) in the present tense, Marie Lund and Irena Haiduk will both offer presentations. The evening will include a conversation between Rhea Dall and Cally Spooner.

Deadtime Talks is part of Cally Spooner’s long-term research project Deadtime, in which she finds and handles temporal structures beyond the clock-time standardizations that force labor, bodies, nervous systems, and digital technologies into a completely metric-orientated future.

More talks in the Deadtime Talks series are to come in spring 2023.

Free entry / all welcome.

Cally Spooner & O—Overgaden

Last year, O—Overgaden welcomed Cally Spooner as associate research fellow, in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Copenhagen, to develop a long-term itinerant performance, moonlighting as book, philosophy study, rehearsal, and opera.