4 Aug 2024, 13:00 – 15:00
Adam Gallagher / LULU THE TOOL

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On 4 August, to mark the ending of the solo exhibition 22 by Asta Lynge, Adam Gallagher will repurpose works from the Audience series with Lynge and turn them into a makeshift public address system. Gallagher will be joined by his unselfish double LULU THE TOOL to perform a musical communiqué about the freedom of movement in global, national, local, and personal terms. As part of the performance, he will recount his self-published pamphlet Mock Chicken, Mock Ethics, Mock London which is part of the EARF series started in 2017, comprising 15 pamphlets. 

Adam Gallagher is a London-based artist who works through performance, sculpture, radio and publishing. He has exhibited and performed at: TG Gallery (2023) in Nottingham; 3236RLS/Le Bourgeois (2024 and 2020), The Horse Hospital (2023), Rollaversion (2022), ICA (2019), Piper Keys (2018) and Auto-Italia South East (2018) in London; Vermillion Sands (2023), La Cucina (2022) and Lagune Ouest (2022) in Copenhagen; NCAD (2023) in Dublin; Black Box Theatre (2020) in Oslo; Lothringer 13 Halle (2020) in Munich and Image Movement (2018) in Berlin. Gallagher’s ongoing series of pamphlets EARF (2017-present) has been distributed at the Artist Self Publishing Fair 1-8 in London and at the Miss Read Berlin Art Book Fair. It was also included in the Bibliothek der Stadtgalerie in Bern in 2023. 

LULU THE TOOL is an educator and musician based in London who teaches Art. Their name is inspired by the 1971 Italian political drama film La classe operaia va in paradiso directed by Elio Petri. Lulu the Tool is the title of the film chosen for the US release in 1975.