4 Apr 2024, 14:00 – 18:00
Adagio for Things
Adagio for Things: Kristoffer Kjærskov

Kristoffer Kjærskov

Join us when Adagio for Things opens with the third presentation of this year on Thursday 4 April at 4–8pm: Plain Terrain by Kristoffer Kjærskov.

Beyond the publication, the evening will include a performance at 6.30pm.

Plain Terrain is a publication that presents a series of visual registrations exploring an object landscape, by means of drawing, photography, found material, and collage. The sketched landscape is open and imaginative, where new encounters and pictorial contexts emerge between circulating parts that become components for new juxtapositions.

Kristoffer Kjærskov (DK) is a visual and sound artist. His practice intertwines investigations between locations and materialities, where found and processed fragments create bridges between experience and fiction.