12 Oct, 14:00 – 13 Oct 2023, 18:00
Adagio for Things: Considered to be Allies Opening + Performance

Join us whenAdagio for Things opens with its third presentation on Thursday 12 October at 4–8pm: the publication and exhibition titled Go in, you will figure it out by Considered to be Allies

Beyond the exhibition, the evening will entail a 6.30pm performance by Considered to be Allies.

Go in, you will figure it out is a publication in three parts, investigating holes as a physical and mental portal between realities.

The hole can serve both as a metaphor for presence in “the moment” or present an opening to endless possibilities and “what if’s”. Drawing on pop cultural phenomenons such as the “multiverse’’ allow for the potentiality of “everything, everywhere all at once”: both a consolation that whatever doesn’t work out in this reality, must work out for our counterpart in another, while also stressing the multitude of choice and consequence across realities. 

The book remixes theories of metaphysics and modal realism with pop cultural plot holes, familiar objects and well…  the deep existential voids of everyday life. As a reader, you are invited to make your way through the book; navigating its pitfalls and experiencing the book as linear.

Considered to be Allies is the shared artistic practice of Margaux Parillaud (FR) and Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen(DK). The two have collaborated since 2014, working primarily (though not only) within time based media, such as performance, video and installation. Their work springs from a common interest in mediation and in exploring how our perception of reality and opinion making is influenced by shared experiences and reference points. Most recently Considered to be Allies have shown work at CPH:DOX international film festival, BarX at Arthub (DK) and with the Department of Reflection in Miami (US).

Adagio for Things is a new, independent publishing-cum-exhibiting platform, founded by Wilfred Wagner, to showcase new books-as-artworks through a series of eight exhibitions. Find more info on Adagio for Things’ own online platform here.