28 okt. 2023, 17:00 – 18:30 29 okt. 2023, 18:00 – 19:30
The Völva’s Live Déjà Vu: Folkloristisk gossip session med Rasmus Myrup

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Folkloristisk gossip session med Rasmus Myrup

På to mørke og vel stormfulde aftener, lørdag d. 28. og søndag 29. oktober kl. 19 - 20.30, inviterer O – Overgaden indenfor til en varm aften i LED-stearinlysets skær med udstillingsaktuelle kunstner Rasmus Myrup. I sin udstilling på kunsthallens første sal, Precoming, viser Rasmus Myrup skulpturer og malerier, der bruger sprogets drilske dobbeltbetydninger – men på disse to aftener vil det talte ord råde i Myrups performance med mytologiske intriger og saftige sagn.

Book din plads, tag en drink og sæt dig godt tilrette til en halvanden times gossip-session i Vølvens vælde, inkarneret af Rasmus Myrup.

Rasmus Myrup om performancerækken:

”You know how all of your friends’ problems seem so simple at times? If The Bog Lady would just spend a little less time at her microbrewery, she wouldn’t constantly be teetering on the edge of burn-out… The Giant needs to understand that she is not a victim of gentrification – she and her Venti Cappuccino addiction are the arbiters of it! Or look at Virgin Poop… she’s too caught up in the normative critique of singlehood to see that she’s already got it all! Well… imagine that you can not only see your friends make the same mistakes over and over, but you have already lived through it all before!

The Völva is a reanimated baddie who has looped through life’s cyclical swirls more than a few times. Her friends, who you might know from Danish History, Scandinavian Folklore or Norse Mythology, are the most treasured part of her constant rebirth, but even besties can be messy. For two nights, she will purge their most personal stories to us humans, so she can go back to them and be a good ally. So, get ready for an evening of well-meaning meanness soaked in care, and a lot of sentences that start with the epitome of the juiciest gossip: ‘I love her so much, but…ʼ

The gossip session will take about 90 minutes, which includes a break, and there will be drinks available to sip alongside the scalding, scaldic tea of who said that Odin is kind of an ass. It will be in English, with a few interjections in Danish, Swedish and Old Norse (for any Iron Age folks who might be in attendance).”

  • Billetprisen på 45 kr. inkluderer en drink m./u. alkohol til forestillingen.

  • Kom før kl. 19 – dørene lukker, når performancen begynder. Den 1,5 times lange performance inkluderer en pause.

  • De to performances kan opleves særskilt eller i forlængelse af hinanden – som en fortælling i to, ikke-kronologiske dele.

  • Performancen tager udgangspunkt i Rasmus Myrups bog, The Völva’s Bestiary of Best Friends, netop udgivet på s/z og Coda Press (2023), og præsenteres i anledning af Myrups aktuelle soloudstilling på O – Overgaden Precoming (- 29. oktober).

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