O—Overgaden is one of the leading non-profit art institutions in Denmark with an irreverent program of emerging local and international voices in contemporary art, displaying around eight grand-scale exhibitions each year from its position in the heart of Copenhagen.
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  • Thursday: 13 – 20h
  • Friday: 13 – 18h
  • Saturday, Sunday: 11 – 18h

AYE-AYE opens
15 Jun 2021

Overgaden's director has moved out of her office, granting room for more artistic content. The old work space, which has its own entrance on our first floor, is taken over by the project space AYE-AYE—an independently programmed micro-institution within the institution run by Nina Beier and Simon Dybbroe Møller.

AYE-AYE's first exhibition AYE-AYE #1 Geology of their planned two-year program will present an artwork by the Greenlandic-Danish artist Pia Arke in combination with so-called "Fleischsteine" (meat stones), on loan from a dedicated German collector.

Find AYE-AYE's opening hours on their website here.
AYE-AYE #1 Geology is up 2–17 July 2021.
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