10. Nov 06. Jan 2019

In 2013, Overgaden launched the exhibition format REVISIT which focuses on Overgaden’s own back catalogue of exhibitions. Since then, we have once annually revisited important and influential exhibitions in order to examine some of the many artistic experiments that have taken place at the institution in a contemporary light. This year, we end the series with a presentation on both floors of the artistic duo, Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen, who have worked together since 1993 and are among the pioneers of Danish video art.

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26. Jan 17. Mar 2019

A longing for nature and simple authentic life has in recent years seen a revival in big parts of the West. But what actually happens when you choose to pull the plug from society? The artist Anna Bak has posed this challenge to herself, and on her first big solo show she presents the outcome of this experiment, which has resulted in a series of new works that explore the influence of isolation on the psyché and the artistic production.

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