Naja Maria Lundstrøm


18. Jan 16. Mar 2014

Is physical fitness – regardless of background, income and age – an individual responsibility or a social issue? In her first major solo exhibition, Naja Maria Lundstrøm turns Overgaden into a gym and in a series of new video works highlights the issue of free will and of social inequality in current health debates

The art of Naja Maria Lundstrøm is based on a satirical and confrontational approach to the sore points of our contemporary social debates and conventions. Her works often balance on the boundary between fiction and reality, with the artist herself – or a persona she assumes – centre stage.

In the exhibition Well It’s Not Going to Lift Itself the artist transforms the upper floor of Overgaden into a gym for the popular training programme crossfit. Fully equipped with kettlebells, medicine balls, crossfit hammers and tractor tyres, the room provides a framework for a series of videos. Here the artist, with varying degrees of empathy, attempts to motivate the viewer to get in shape, taking different roles in relationship to the individual’s responsibility for his or her own life.

During the exhibition period everyone is welcome to use the facilities at Overgaden free of charge. The exhibition can thus be seen as a response to expensive fitness centres and the current debate on introducing payment for visiting a doctor. The exhibition can also be seen as an ironic take on the contemporary role of the art institution – as a service provider and supplier of identity-generating experiences for the visitor.

In connection with the exhibition Overgaden collaborates with CrossFit Copenhagen on a series of events focusing on crossfit as a healthy and collective form of physical training. At the opening Naja Maria Lundstrøm and CrossFit Copenhagen will present a performance based on the training programme.

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