Svend Danielsen


25. Aug 21. Oct 2018

It can be difficult to pigeonhole Svend Danielsen (b. 1955) as an artist. Even though painting constitutes a red thread, he spans everything from sculpture, installation and photography to performance and sound. His work is influenced by the long painterly traditions as well as the spontaneity and interest in the ordinary as known from the Fluxus movement. In this solo exhibition, the artist presents a large extract of new works, which explores the formal qualities of shape, colour, lines and space at the intersection between image and object. Based on unequal impressions from nature and everyday life the works give new life to the familiar by means of expressive brush strokes, humorous paraphrases and curious assemblies that create leaps and connections between media and materials. In addition to a series of new paintings, the exhibition consists of an extensive amount of paperwork, video and sculptural elements, thus giving a broad insight into Danielsen’s practice, where lightness and gravity, abstraction and figuration effortlessly coexist and are send in new directions.

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