18. Jun 14. Aug 2016

In recent years sound art has made its mark as an independent genre. Both in Denmark and abroad an increasing number of artists, musicians and composers have started to work with sound in performative, installational and visual contexts that traverse the traditional boundaries between art forms.

But how can the art institution accommodate these new transaesthetic forms, which often pose a challenge to the classical exhibition format? Over the summer Overgaden tunes into these issues under the title SummerSounds, where we present sound created to be experienced as an exhibition. Three representatives in the field – the sound artists Rune Søchting, Christian Skjødt and Tobias Lukassen – will each compile their own consecutive programme of exhibitions, events and concerts.

rum mål lyd tid
18.06 – 10.07 2016
What role does sound play in the experience of space and the formation of place – and how do spaces and objects ‘speak’? These questions form the thematic point of departure for the first element of the series, curated by Rune Søchting. Through the juxtaposition of three artistic positions, the exhibition establishes a range of points of contact, interferences and translations between architecture, objects and sound, investigating the inseparability of sound from physical presence, as well as the ways in which it can uncover multiple layers of meaning. Participating artists: Cevdet Erek (TR), Ursula Nistrup (DK), Steve Roden (US).

15.07 – 31.07 2016
In the exhibition sub-, Christian Skjødt presents three new works revolving around the experiences that occur when the inaudible becomes audible. Technology – from laser beams to loudspeakers – is used in all the works to define a space that points back at the body of the listener. Whereas the body can only detect a limited range of frequencies, the individual can choose or refuse to listen within that range – just as some people have the power to decide who hears what. Based on this premise, the exhibition focuses on the slippage between listening and hearing and tunes into the hidden sounds of our surroundings.

05.08 – 14.08 2016
The physical dimensions of sound are a recurrent track in Tobias Lukassen’s work, which is located between science, technology and philosophy. For this exhibition, he has created two installations based on the mathematical concept of vertex in collaboration with the sound artist Andreas Wetterberg. A vertex is the coordinate point where two or more equations intersect, and where objects that move according to these equations collide. In the works, this concept is converted into expanses of sound that are repetitive, yet reveal an infinite number of nuances depending on the listening position – accentuating the spatial and time-related relationship between sources of sound, the movements of the visitor and the architecture of the exhibition space.

The exhibition is supported by: the Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds



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