Kirsten Justesen


16. Nov 25. Dec 2013

Since the early 1980s, Justesen has been deeply fascinated by ice as an uncontrollable, sculptural material, and November marks 20 years since she presented the iconic project Smeltetid #5 at Overgaden. Her new exhibition, Ice Script – Meltingtime #17, fills both floors of Overgaden, presenting old and new works, and linking the past and the present.

REVISIT is Overgaden’s new exhibition format. An annual event that delves into Overgaden’s past, celebrates the artistic long haul, and revisits landmark exhibitions to explore them from the perspective of the present. The first guest is the Danish artist Kirsten Justesen.

Overgaden is filled with ice of every shape and form. From ice cubes to inland ice. Ice melts: ice feet, ice rods and an ice platform with performers and ice hockey sticks. Photographic works of the life-size artist investigating, struggling or uniting with the ice. On the first floor of Overgaden there is an exhibition of everything from sketches to ice-cube bags – part of an extensive collection of objects, images and video documentation surveying Kirsten Justesen’s long-term artistic research on ice as a material.

Pivotal to Justesen’s absorption by ice as an artistic medium is its continuous potential for transformation: metamorphosis. Full-size ice dresses that laboriously renew themselves when condensation becomes part of the texture of ice. Ice hands that slowly melt into their own moulds, ready to become ice again. Kirsten Justesen is a professionally trained, classical sculptor, and even though she might not work with sculpture in any traditional sense the sculptural is very present in her work with space, body and materiality that characterises the entire exhibition.

Time is in many ways the main character in Kirsten Justesen’s works. Not only has the exhibition series Meltingtime extended over four decades, the individual works also pivot entirely naturally around the concept of melting time. Melting time transforms the exhibition second by second, so it is never the same.

Then as now, performances by artists invited by Kirsten Justesen form part of the exhibition:

Jens Haaning, November 21
Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, December 5
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, December 12

The dancer Wayne Walker will be on the ice platform from Thursday to Saturday during the exhibition’s opening hours. Uniformed ice-skating teams will also be granted access to the ice platform by previous agreement with Overgaden.

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