11. Nov 07. Jan 2018

Since 2013, Overgaden’s REVISIT format has zoomed in on the art institute’s own history to explore some of the key artistic experiments and groundbreaking exhibitions that have taken place here.

This year REVISIT embraces the 1989 exhibition EROTIK – 48 women photographers’ take on the erotic in reaction to male dominance of the gaze and desire in mainstream media and the art world. EROTIK brought perceptions of gender and the role of women artists centre- stage in feminist yet conflicting views on an otherwise male-centred representation of the erotic realm.

Views of the erotic have changed since 1989. Debates on the subject continue to be dominated by identity politics, but today the erotic and gender are in an increasing state of flux. Has our view of eroticism changed since 1989? And what does ‘erotic’ mean? Are we even capable of formulating what eroticism is and can be in 2017? These are some of the central questions raised by REVISIT: EROTIK, where 14 Danish and international artists – both women and men – have been invited to address the theme in a range of works that cover the political as well as the poetic, subtle and humorous.

REVISIT: EROTIK presents works that offer a contemporary artistic take on the erotic that is neither media-specific nor gender-segregated. The works include the seductive tricks of the conjurer, sensual materials, sculptural objects, performances, and experience-based video and sound works addressing the erotic from numerous angles.

The works and exhibition as a whole crystallise in an investigation of the realm of the erotic that strives to expand the framework for understanding the concept beyond its traditional categorisation as a sensual link across the divide of love and sexual expression. In REVISIT: EROTIK neither the artists nor their works are bound by this division, offering instead a range of ways and attempts to answer the question ‘What is the erotic?’ in 2017.

The exhibition thus reflects the multiplicity of the erotic, one aspect of its continuing role as an enigma of contemporary life, simultaneously linked to seduction, intimacy, power and abuse. All central issues in this year’s REVISIT exhibition, curated by the artist Gudrun Hasle and Overgaden’s director Merete Jankowski.

During the exhibition there will be an event and performance programme focusing on the nature of the erotic, as well as exploring connections between the exhibition of the past and that of today.

Participating artists: Ann Louise Andersen, Ruth Campau, Emma Hedditch (US), Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Jakob Jakobsen, Heine Klausen, Tricia Middleton (CA), Klaus Mulbjerg, Michael Mørk, Lea Porsager, Tomas Skovgaard, Tine Tvergaard, Kristoffer Ørum

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