06. Apr 26. May 2019

With a friendly nod to Overgaden’s history as a printing works, the exhibition PRESS PRINT! presents the works of artists who use graphics and the medium of print. The five projects in the exhibition zoom in on crossovers between new digital technologies and the traditional craft of printing.

Before becoming the institute of contemporary art it is today, Overgaden housed a printing workshop. It was a family business started by the engraver M.W. Ferslew, who ran an etching and lithographic workshop before handing the business down to his son J.C. Ferslew and the lithographer Philip Berendt, who created the company Centraltrykkeriet – later C. Ferslew & Co. Royal Book and Lithographic Printing Workshop. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century they printed everything from communist leaflets to Carlsberg beer-bottle labels. The marks and ‘scars’ made by the printing workshop can still be traced throughout Overgaden’s now listed building

With a friendly nod to the history of Overgaden, this architecture now forms the backdrop for an exhibition of contemporary art prints and graphics. PRESS PRINT! presents five different contributors representing the diversity of printed matter, from traditional analogue craftmanship to new digital prints and crossovers between the two. Lithographs, serigraphs/silk screen prints, woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, monotypes, digital prints, Risographs, photogravure, inkjet prints and UV prints on glass are exhibited alongside artists’ books and comics. Whereas some of the artists in the exhibition works with a classical approach, others sample elements of graphic disciplines to experiment with printing processes and materials to create new forms of expression.

One of the motivations behind the exhibition is to show how the production of graphic art is often socially and collectively driven. Here the five groups and individuals participating in the exhibition are central hubs. The artists either initiate or collaborate across a range of graphic and aesthetic forms, or they work with a ‘mediator’ – a specialist at a printing or bookbinding shop who they trust to guide their artistic potential in new directions for graphic art. Here prints emerge as translations or transformations from one form of artistic expression to another.

Without any overall curatorial or scenographic approach, PRESS PRINT! celebrates the work of a broad range of artists of all ages, genders and stages of their career who – regardless of whether they are affiliated with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, publishing, running a print shop or are members of an association of graphic artists – join forces in the exhibition to present five different approaches to contemporary graphic art today.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive programme of workshops, guided tours, talks and concerts.

Participating artists in the exhibition:
Louise Sidenius/Officin: Marie Kølbæk Iversen; Zven Balslev/Cult
Pump: Erik Pontoppidan, Anne Van Der Linden, Andy Bolus and Peter
Larsen; Printer’s Proof: Valerie Collart, Birk Bjørlo, Julie Sass and Erin
Lawlor; The Danish Association of Graphic Artists: Jasper Sebastian
Stürup, Martin Askholm, Leif Kath, Ole Folmer Hansen, Gay Christensen,
Bjarne Werner Sørensen, Anna Lindgren, Helle Frøsig, Ole
Sporring, Gitte Bach, Susanne Wellm, Søren Kastalje, Claus Handgaard
Jørgensen, Malene Hartmann, Åse Eg Jørgensen, Joen Vedel,
Masar Sohail and Hanne Ravn Hermansen; Lars Grenaae.

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