27. Jan 18. Mar 2018
The relationship between law and art forms the focal point of this exhibition by the artist duo Mathias & Mathias consisting of Mathias Toubro (b. 1986) and Mathias Dyhr (b. 1991). On Overgaden’s first floor, they present a total installation that outlines different perspectives on factual as well as fictional cases where aesthetic sentences are settled in a courtroom. How do you judge art in a legal sense and what happens to the regularity of law in a meeting with the arts? In two new video works which take the point of view of the jury and the witness respectively, the artists test our concept of objectivity, justice, and truth in an exploration of aesthetic judgment, not merely as an issue for the arts, but also as a significant parameter in our society ruled by law. In the exhibition, the scenography of the videos is expanded into the actual space. Here, the set design and props appear in modified form as independent sculptural elements that build on and add to the films’ discussion of representation, evidence, and testimony.
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