Ellen Hyllemose


18. Jun 14. Aug 2011

Paintings covered with colourful swimsuit fabrics, painted panels with handles and gigantic, bulging bag sculptures that sprawl across the floor: the conventional views of everyday life are put to the test when Ellen Hyllemose explores the interface between sculpture and painting – using materials from the well-stocked shelves of do-it-yourself shops.

At the solo exhibition Lim mellem landskaber, the entire ground floor area of Overgaden has been transformed into a cultivated landscape of colours, shapes and surfaces. In a new series of works with roots in her earlier practice, Hyllemose models a sensuous, spatial sequence that interacts with the architecture of the exhibition spaces, creating displacements in scale, materiality and significance. Soft, organic growths sprout from the columns and floor, in interplay with piles of rough slabs in varying colours and sizes.

As in a landscape, the visitor must move around in the exhibition, change perspective and seek beneath the surface of the works in order to elicit information from them. The themes are established in an internal exchange of colours, motifs and textures. We sense a field here, a piece of sky there, a mountain or a waterfall, but first and foremost, we are confronted with the artwork as a tangible physical object associated with a situation, a location and an observer.

In a cheerful play with front and back, concealment and uncovering, Hyllemose’s works engage both the body, the space and the surface. Painting becomes sculpture and sculpture becomes painting, and thus fluctuating between image and object, we are challenged to explore the works as well as our everyday environments with all our senses.

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