27. Jan 18. Mar 2018

At his first major solo exhibition in Copenhagen, Johan Rosenmunthe (b. 1982) directs our attention to the objects that surround us – and not least our interaction with them. According to the artist, things are not just dead artefacts, but containers of information that are deposited in the material such as DNA residues and sound waves. This thesis is unfolded in a series of new works which in a sort of speculative archaeology display and dissect everyday objects. A central element in the exhibition is an installation of showcases filled with liquids in different colours in which a variety of objects are presented. From one of the vitrines you can draw off and drink the fluid, because maybe by using chemical processes we can extract and absorb the silent knowledge of objects? In this work, as in the rest of the exhibition, Johan Rosenmunthe asks how we through the methods and insights of natural science can gain a deeper understanding of the world of things and materials and thereby learn something new about ourselves.

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